S&T Mosin-Nagant


viper: I'd go for the event. Tom Kish is also a go. I'll see if Hornet is willing to make a go of it as well. viper Mar 2, 2015 10:53:27 GMT -5 *
soldierthrutime: The top-cap on my STEN's stock MP-40 mag broke so the feed-hole is now twice as big. I was going to patch it with JBWeld and/or sheet styrene, but thought I'd ask about replacement parts first. suggestions? Mar 6, 2015 17:31:38 GMT -5
LϟϟAH1944: A new mag Mar 6, 2015 19:55:47 GMT -5
Dracul: Just to get an idea from all of those who make Kar98 conversions? How much would you charge for just the work? Like if the Kar98 and a VSR-10 clone were sent to you. Mar 7, 2015 14:27:00 GMT -5
efrimann: Any new G43 jobs or does anyone have a cast for the bolt/top? Mar 7, 2015 18:37:01 GMT -5
Dracul: So, has anyone ever did the Hairy Apple's 1903 approach, but for a Kar98? Mar 17, 2015 19:07:32 GMT -5
Dracul: No one? Well, going to try it out this weekend. Might finally have a good springer Kar98 that I made. Mar 27, 2015 23:33:28 GMT -5
antonius augustus: I'd charge like 75 bucks but then again mine look like crap. They shoot good though :-S Apr 12, 2015 12:08:05 GMT -5
ssgjoe: How do they look like crap? May 2, 2015 23:07:50 GMT -5
Dracul: Just ordered 4 more M1 Carbines. Hehe May 15, 2015 7:26:42 GMT -5
shiftysgarand: Anybody know where to get scrap wool serge for US mustard wool shirts? May 15, 2015 15:12:06 GMT -5
aldrich: I would just go on ebay and find an old either worn out or "too small to wear" original/postwar surplus wool shirt for cheap. Either that or gun or military shows which still have tons of them for cheap lying around. That is probably your best bet. May 17, 2015 14:51:08 GMT -5
antonius augustus: ssgjoe: sorry for the late reply, I said that because I don't convert the bolt, it looks the same as the bar10/vsr11. I do everything else though. May 17, 2015 17:39:51 GMT -5
Dracul: http://www.evike.com/products/52099/ Guess who just made this "out of stock"? hehe May 17, 2015 20:31:03 GMT -5 *
stuka: given that it's matrix, have fun fixing that you'll be better off upgrading the gearbox and internals May 21, 2015 1:21:42 GMT -5
Dracul: Matrix one is the A&k one May 21, 2015 8:01:59 GMT -5
Dracul: But, there shouldn't be anything wrong with that would make it past the point of repair. May 21, 2015 8:03:27 GMT -5
Dracul: The MG-42 boneyard was out of stock.... May 21, 2015 19:25:15 GMT -5
stuka: so you didn't buy it? May 22, 2015 7:02:51 GMT -5