ACTUAL (Echo 1? Matrix?) AIRSOFT MG42


stuka: Where can I find information for a heer loadout 1942/43 preferably? Aug 29, 2014 15:40:52 GMT -5
Jarhead117: Stuka, look it up at the ATF Historical Reference or the Wehrmacht Forum. That should help you out... Aug 29, 2014 19:32:43 GMT -5
LϟϟAH1944: google images Aug 30, 2014 9:31:42 GMT -5
LϟϟAH1944: or look at reenactment units Aug 30, 2014 9:32:07 GMT -5
taboggan: Does anyone here have knowledge on WW2 medic gear? Sept 1, 2014 17:11:23 GMT -5
general: Is any age acceptable to play in this ww2 airsoft association Sept 2, 2014 0:31:58 GMT -5
Dracul: Taboggan, I'll message you. Sept 2, 2014 8:36:01 GMT -5
Dracul: general, not sure of the accepted minimum age, but I as long your parent/guardian is cool with it. Or even play with you. Forgot the user here, but at this year's Overlord last month, a father and his two kids were playing. I think they were 10 and 13. Sept 2, 2014 8:38:46 GMT -5
general: Thank you Sept 2, 2014 9:19:09 GMT -5
general: thank you Sept 2, 2014 9:19:30 GMT -5
HM3 Wallick: - I would imagine, as long as your uniforms and equipment are period-appropriate. Sept 2, 2014 11:09:22 GMT -5
general: Ok thank you Sept 2, 2014 18:27:36 GMT -5
general: I have my own Finnish team and we all love the kar 98 so do any of you know if the spring version is worth and if not were can I get an affordable gas version Sept 2, 2014 18:34:07 GMT -5
Dracul: Spring one is only worth it to use has parts for the BAR-10 mods. Where people take a BAR-10 and put it inside the Kar98. Their are plenty of threads on how to do that in the armory section of this forum. Sept 2, 2014 19:18:55 GMT -5
general: Are their any gas versions for 160 to 170 dollars Sept 3, 2014 23:33:45 GMT -5
Dracul: I think the cheapest Gas Kar98 is the Red Fire version, which is for 200 right now on AMS. I'd give a link, but it Airsoft Megastore's website is down for me right now. Sept 4, 2014 10:12:54 GMT -5
Dracul: To be fair, you can get a DBoys Kar98 for about 100, and a VSR-10 for the same price new, and for used, I've seen stock ones go for like 60-70 dollars on user markets and boneyards. Sept 4, 2014 10:14:23 GMT -5
general: Is this airsoft reenactment place in England or the US Sept 6, 2014 3:11:29 GMT -5
Dracul: Most of us are in the US, but we got guys from all around. Russia, UK, Italy, etc etc. Sept 6, 2014 20:24:24 GMT -5
LϟϟAH1944: This isn't a single place. its a forum for ww2 airsoft reenactors from all around the world Sept 17, 2014 16:42:29 GMT -5