jheinrich: anyone recently order from legit? Jan 8, 2015 13:44:13 GMT -5
patrickl29th: you can get spearhead stuff on ebay, might be safer Jan 10, 2015 18:10:32 GMT -5
jheinrich: yeah, i figured that out after the fact...hope i get my parka! Jan 12, 2015 8:11:36 GMT -5
LϟϟAH1944: On a side note, you should always get trousers if you get a parka. NEVER really seen without the set Jan 12, 2015 16:23:13 GMT -5
mike1996: any know where i can get a wood kit for a KA M1A1? And a cutts compensator? Jan 15, 2015 15:01:26 GMT -5
Dracul: Anyone know where I can get a replacement barrel nut for the AGM MP40? Jan 22, 2015 18:32:48 GMT -5
Jerry-ADK: Dracul, you can prolly get a steel or brass one that is close and modify it to fit the hop up with a bit of dremeling. Feb 2, 2015 10:35:31 GMT -5
Dracul: Maybe (probably) wrong terms on my end, but I'm talking about the end of the barrel. Like where a flash hider/compensator of modern days would go. Feb 2, 2015 11:46:35 GMT -5
stuka: in regards to LSSAH's comment about how no airsoft fields are big enough for tanks, that's kind of false haha. Some but not all. DV8 airsoft in FL has a light tank (British Fox from Vietnam), an apc and 2 Duece's I believe for example Feb 2, 2015 19:02:56 GMT -5
huxy: When we play, we use jeeps, weasels and trucks as well as motorcycles. If we had a tank, the area would certainly be big enough as well. Feb 4, 2015 15:58:10 GMT -5
mentosfreshmaker: Mike: I usually shop for my rs parts at ebay and, and adapt them for the airsoft replica. Feb 6, 2015 9:21:16 GMT -5
huxy: Shoei MG42 bought... Anyone got a feed-tray? Feb 7, 2015 15:52:14 GMT -5
Jerry-ADK: Did you get the GBB or AEG Shoei? Feb 8, 2015 17:34:19 GMT -5
huxy: The GBB one :) Feb 8, 2015 18:13:31 GMT -5
deadcat7382: FNG in CT... thinking about getting into this... Have started building an FJ impression and a Red Devil one as well... Feb 21, 2015 15:53:25 GMT -5
Dracul: CT is good location for WWII airsofting, a lot of the North East games are in the core North East area. Upstate NY, MA, CT, ME, VT, NH, and some in Jersey. Shouldn't have too much trouble getting to those places. Feb 22, 2015 13:56:43 GMT -5
Dracul: Not like my team down here in MD where we have to drive the 6-7 hours to get up the Upstate New York games. The opposite of that is heading 10 or more hours south to play the events down there. Feb 22, 2015 13:57:53 GMT -5
stuka: So has anybody actually bought the g&g m1 yet? I just looked at evikes listing and it was delyaed again?What the heck g&g... I know combatsports supply has/had them but did g&g only ship 1 batch or something Feb 23, 2015 5:00:17 GMT -5
Dracul: Evike drops the ball on a lot of things on their website. Their webmaster sucks, really sucks. I wouldn't be surprised that their date for the G&G Garand was just flat out wrong. Feb 26, 2015 17:10:02 GMT -5
soldierthrutime: 729467 Feb 27, 2015 9:34:12 GMT -5