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marcomix: Hello! I'm new here.... Mar 23, 2019 5:06:02 GMT -5
marcomix: Is there a procedure to follow before posting? like an introduction of some sort? Mar 23, 2019 5:06:28 GMT -5
Dracul: Hello. There is an introduction thread around here, under the WW2AA Radio Shack section. Mar 24, 2019 20:25:12 GMT -5
sieubermensch123: Posted a Norcal WW2 all fronts event time to dust off the gear boys! May 6, 2019 17:06:19 GMT -5
kalashnik: Anyone got a CAD File /SOLIDWORKS/ 3D Model for the Marushin M1 Garand Part 45? May 26, 2019 11:18:40 GMT -5
canuck113: ANyone here? Nov 24, 2019 19:18:16 GMT -5
afrikakorps: anyone here May 3, 2020 22:12:01 GMT -5 *
setho: Looking for games in or near Vermont Jun 10, 2020 16:34:26 GMT -5
aj czarkowski: I don't think there's gonna be anything in northern New England anytime soon, and as far as I know there hasn't been in a while, but if you're willing to drive to Connecticut there's usually some decent sized battles a couple times a year. Jun 11, 2020 20:21:22 GMT -5
aj czarkowski: Jun 11, 2020 20:21:31 GMT -5
tootall2: Looking for any fellow ww2aa guys around the Evansville area. Jul 3, 2020 11:46:06 GMT -5
boz: Happy 4th all, despite pandemic! I'm looking for a boneyard S&T Springfield M1903A3 for a beta test on retro conversion to A1 or Mark 1 (WW1) configuration. Pop me a message if you've a broken S&T (or G&G, or Apple Soft) M1903 you wish to unload. Jul 5, 2020 14:33:36 GMT -5
turbosoggy: How can I buy from you Feb 13, 2021 21:33:04 GMT -5
turbosoggy: does anyone have some kar98k double bells shells and stripper clips? Feb 13, 2021 21:36:00 GMT -5
lisa22629: looking for photos of 327th GIR men who's Waco crashed in Belgium during Op Market Garden. I'm helping a group in Belgium who is erecting a memorial to the men. Need photos of 7 of the men. I have names & serial #s if anyone thinks they can help out.thanks Feb 20, 2021 15:42:44 GMT -5
gunnypug: hi all dont know if some of you remember me but i was the leader of east coast raiders back in the early 2006/2007. just found you guys agan May 11, 2021 14:50:49 GMT -5
hardslack: All, 2ndBat sent a load of pictures of some custom springer Garands, and a few other things to me, that I finally got around to uploading. Jun 27, 2022 13:13:51 GMT -5
tmmyj36: Any events coming up sometime soon? Apr 14, 2024 12:04:17 GMT -5
crislando70: Hello all, I am new here. In years past I have done WW2 Reenacting portraying WW2 German Soldat. I am in Oklahoma now, and look for a German Air soft group to join. If there are any out there, please let me know. Jun 11, 2024 15:05:28 GMT -5
crislando70: Hello all. I am new here. In years past I have done WW2 German Reenacting and got out of it when I left Illinois. Now I'm in Oklahoma and I am looking for a German unit or people with interest to form a unit in the Texoma region. Thanks for the Help. Jun 11, 2024 15:07:08 GMT -5
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